More Love And Trouble (2014)


A real guitar-hero-cd however it holds a beautiful acoustic ballad with Boyd on guitar as well!

On this cd are a lot of Boyd's favourite Electric, Slide and Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin and Bassplayers such as Roelof Meijeringh(NL), Ronald de Jong(NL), Josh Fulero (USA), Mark Thijs(B), Arthur Ebeling (NL), Kai Strauss (D), Alan McLachlan (Ireland), Daniel De Vries (NL), Danny de Vijlder (NL),Jasper Mortier(NL) and Drummer (on the one song "Find Me A Home In Your Heart") Henk Punter(NL)  showing their skill's.

A genuine Rockin' Blues Album!!


Rocking  Blues (2012)


Best of The First 4 CD's of Boyd Small


Diamond Boy (Me and my Blues/Rounder Europe, 2007)


While doing a promotional tour in the northwest USA for this cd Boyd arranged a session featuring the best blues musicians the great northwest has to offer. All long time friends and colleagues from this rich local blues scene the credits read like a who's who of Portland. The guitarists are Peter Damman (Paul Delay Band), Josh Fulero (Curtis Salgado Band), Lloyd Jones (Lloyd Jones Struggle) , Monti Amundson (Blubinos) and on the bass Boyd's long time groove partner Willy Barber who has played and still plays with them all.

This recording is Boyd Small at his best. Singing lead and playing drums on all the songs while directing the band through a live session of freshly penned originals and covering a few of his favourites never before captured so brilliantly.

Recorded in Portland , Oregon, August 2006 and mixed in Amsterdam , Holland just 2 weeks later this is a fresh disc you don't want to wait to spin.


Four + One (Coolbuzz, 2003)


Boyd Small Four plus One is the latest project of American born Amsterdam based singer/drummer/songwriter Boyd Small.

Put great singers who are also songwriters together in a room and you'd expect to get something where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts: Boyd Small "Four Plus One" !

This beautiful blues album to spin on a sultry summernight contains all American roots music. The combination of superb orginals and covers that the band made their own leads to an inimitable mix. From J. J. Mallone's "Daddy Rollin' Stone" through Marc Thijs' "Easy Bait" to Boyd's "The Big Man's Eyes" the underlying message is the same - Blues - or what it ought to be these days.

His new blues album would be perfect for a sultry summer night. It features four great singers and musicians who team up to make the whole of the band greater than the sum of it's parts: Four Plus One!

On "Four plus One" CD three other great musicians join Boyd.

Guitarplayer/singer Marc Thijs hails from Belgium where he is known as frontman of the Electric Kings and TEE. He is a living legend in the Belgian blues scene and recently toured with James Harman and Johnny Dyer.

Dutchman Jasper Mortier layed down the bottom end for such blues greats as Philip Walker, Eddy Clearwater, Boo Boo Davis and Monti Amundson and was a bandmember of the Boyd Small band and Sugarcane.

The New York harp virtuoso and natural born singer G.V. Reit can only be described as "Mr. Right."


So Easy  (Coolbuzz/Munich, 2001)


This Time No Lies (Coolbuzz/Munich, 1998)